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Locating the Source of your Citrix Connection Error

If your company uses a Citrix server, you probably understand how important it is that the server is up and running at all time. If client computers are unable to connect to the network, they’ll be unable to run required programs or access vital documents containing valuable information. When a connection error occurs, it is best to examine the situation and attempt to locate the source of the error. When you do this, you’ll be able to locate and attack the problem at its source.
Easily Locating the Issue

Your first step towards a solution should be locating the issue. Most importantly, you’ll want to determine whether it is a server issue or a client side issue. Figuring this out is very easy. Check to see which computers are able to access the server and which are not. If some are able to connect, you’re probably dealing with a client side issue. If none of the computers are able to connect, you’re definitely dealing with an issue with your Citrix server. 
Tinkering with the Server

If you have determined that you’re dealing with a server issue, you’ll want to access the server and make sure that all relevant applications are enabled. Although this is somewhat basic, it can cause a Citrix Protocol Error for all clients. Make sure that all applications have been enabled and then try again. If you’re still experiencing problems, you may want to attempt to balance out the load. Disabling offline servers for all of your relevant applications can do this. This will balance out the load and make the server much more efficient.

Ping the Server

For a simple check on the client side, it is a good idea to begin by pinging the server. Make sure that the server is able to respond to your ping request. If it does not, your server may be offline or have some type of connection problem.

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